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This guy wants to be mad but can’t

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after-plaidshirtdaysandnights said: Hey! Can you tell me what hotel it was that you saw Harry at in Nashville? I'm looking at hotels right now and it would be a massive help! Thank you so so much in advance.

Yepp all of One Direction stayed at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel near Vanderbilt University! I know that so far every time they have been to Nashville they’ve stayed at a different hotel but they may stay at that one again because it’s extremely nice and a lot of celebrities stay there when they go to Nashville. Hope that helped!

hemmingscries said: i live very close to nashville and also will be attending the nashville show in august!

I will be there again too! :)

the-super-who-1d-5sos-fam said: I saw where you got to be at 5SOS hotel and meet One Direction in Nashville. I was just wondering what hotel both of them stayed in? I'm going to see them in august in Nashville and is really love to meet them all. Just trying to figure out where they've stayed at before. Thank you! :)

5SOS stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Nashville and One Direction stayed at the Vanderbilt Loew near Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Good luck! :) I’m also going to that concert!

snogslou said: Hey we've been in mutual for so long and I had no idea you lived in Nashville!

Actually I don’t live in Nashville, I live somewhat close though! Is that where you live?

platonicsweethearts said: i was on the one direction nashville tag and i saw your picture of harry. did you meet them?? I've been trying since they went on tour with big time rush and have had no luck. I'm going to their concert in nashville do you have any tips for seeing them or places they might go?? thanks(:

No I didn’t get to meet any of them! That was the closest I was able to get to any of them but I also got to see Niall, Liam, and Zayn! I’m also going to their next concert in Nashville! But it was crazy trying to find them. Basically I just followed every single Twitter update account I could find and then drove around until I saw a hotel with a bunch of girls standing outside haha and anyway I eventually made my way to their hotel. At first we were at 5sos’ hotel and then some girls there knew where One Direction was staying so I took a cab over to their hotel and we just waited there literally all day. It was totally worth it though!! Good luck! :) also some girls that we met at One Direction’s hotel had gotten to meet Harry because he was walking around downtown that day.




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Use the men’s room they won’t expect it

'Who the fuck is eating chips in here?'

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This is what fireworks look like in the day time.

why doesn’t this have more notes holy shit

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